Raúl A. Canales

Raúl A. Canales

Copenhagen, DK
English, Spanish




Passionate software engineer with 9 years of industry experience, and interest in complex systems.
I am devoted for .NET, and always curious for new technologies, working at the moment with .NET Core, Docker, CI/CD and test automation.
I have the ability to work well as a team member or independent, as well as taking lead responsabilities with excellent work ethic.

Work Experience

Work Experience

  • Senior Software EngineerDanske Bank

    Jan, 2019 - Present

    Currently working on a new big feature for the main app of the bank, involving third party companies. Some of my key higlights are:

    • Driving all scrum related tasks (arrange cross-team sync meetings, standups, sprint plannings and retrospectives).

    • Gathering business requirements and translate them into tasks for the developers.

    • Keep syncronized communication across the different parts and teams involved.

    • Migrate usage of old centralized REST API to containerized decentralized system, using gRPC and GraphQL.

    • Implement robust automated test as well as hermetic tests.

    • Ensure all the internal processes as well as regulations are followed.

  • Senior Software EngineerDanske Bank

    Oct, 2018 - Dec, 20191 year 2 months

    Worked in the Payment Innovation department, developing different scale projects using the newest technologies. My main achivements are:

    • Refactor legacy systems into new modern APIs

    • Co-design and implement new architecture for a dezentralized system for a crossborder payments app.

    • Ensure test coverage and automated tests for all our systems, including hermetic test environment mocking out our dependencies.

    • Improve coding tasks to keep developer velocity high, so new features and business requirements can be implemented quickly.

    • Implement feature toggle for the entire system to support our continuous deployment and master only approach.

    • Share all the knowledge obtained with other teams and developers in the bank, by keeping up-to-date documentation and organized public repositories, as well as actively help out in our internal developer's forum.

  • Backend Software EngineerKiloo Games

    Sep, 2015 - Oct, 20183 years

    Worked in the backend team, where we had a big variety of tasks. The main ones I have been involved are:

    • Design, implement and maintain from scratch the entire backend system for two multiplayer titles: Spellbinders and Tank Headz.

    • Syncronize communication between backend team, game developers, graphic designers and game designers.

    • Design and implement coupon voucher tool for all the online games.

    • Design enhanced feature and configuration tool for all our projects.

    • Supervise and develop Unity modules/scripts for our internal framework, used in all our games.

    • Responsible of Top Run, the leaderboard for Subway Surfers, supporting hundred thousands of requests.

  • Fullstack EngineerNemertes S.L.

    Jun, 2010 - Sep, 20155 years 3 months

    Started as a junior developer, and quickly grew until being the responsible of all the systems in the company, as well as mentoring new developers. In my period here, I can remark:

    • Re-design and implement all the websites for the top 3 ecommerce franchises for computer stores in Spain.

    • Design and implement the internal framework for spin up new ecommerce websites, including custom pluging support and administration tools.

    • Refactor old classic ASP classic websites into .NET MVC

    • Improve set of internal tools and background processes

    • Mentor new developers joining the company

  • Intern Software Engineer, MadeIn Studios

    Jan, 2009 - May, 20093 months

    Internship in a small studio, where I re-wrote the data access layer of a large calling center app



  • Backend
    C#.NET CoreGoKubernetesDockerRabbitMQJenkinsGoCDAzurePostmanOpenShiftKubernetes
  • Databases
  • Frontend
  • Other


  • Professional degree in software development, Bachelor, IES Mare Nostrum

    Jun, 2009 - Sep, 2007

  • Professional degree in computer systems, Bachelor, IES Mare Nostrum

    Jun, 2007 - Sep, 2005



  • Best R&D project 2019 Danske Bank

    Awarded on: Nov 20, 2019

    Winner in the contest of best R&D project, where I demonstrated an example of a mobile app written in Blazor, consuming a GraphQL interface, calling serverless functions from an OpenFaaS cluster.

  • Best presentation 2019 Danske Bank

    Awarded on: Nov 20, 2019

    Winner of best presentation for the R&D projects contest.

  • Best prototype 2019 Danske Bank

    Awarded on: Nov 20, 2019

    Winner as best prototype for the R&D contest.



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  • Michael Brorsen, Project Manager at Danfoss

    Raúl is the type of person that is very valuable on every team. He has a clear professional pride and always wants to improve his work while at the same time being very social. Always helpful towards his team as well as stakeholders, he ensures that goals are being met while keeping morale high. Raúl quickly becomes more than just a colleague and I am happy to call him my friend.

  • Alexandru Dan Mihai Sipos, Software Engineer at Danske Bank

    As a former team member of Raul at Kiloo Games I have only words of praise. He's one of the most dedicated, professional and reliable of developers I have met during my career. We have worked together for about a year for one of the company's upcoming projects at the time, now publicly known as Spellbinders. With changing requirements and deadlines looming closer we were in dire need of someone that can produce quality at a relatively rapid pace and Raul proved to be that person. He was very proactive always offering his best solution as to how implementation should be done while also being very adaptable to domain requirements and would always put an extra effort in order to have them met. I am happy with the work Raul did, and I can safely offer my full recommendation